Urban retreat


Barcelona, ES
Concept design
Interior design
Just like a monastic retreat, this apartment was conceived as a new form of exclusive getaway in the center of the city. Free from personal possessions and filled only with a curated and selection of unique design pieces, this unconventional blend creates a timeless space, fostering profound introspection and contemplation.
Minimal objects
of desire
Custom-designed furniture kitchen becomes the ultimate expression of exclusivity and elegance.
The space transcends passing trends and remains timeless in its beauty and elegance.
Opulence is no longer synonymous with excess, but manifests itself through quality and craftsmanship, adding layers of meaning and emotion to our surroundings. This balance between the luxurious and the authentic allow the essence of the athmosphere to shine.
“The serene foundation allows the featured pieces to shine in all their splendor.”
Heber Mata Architects
Luxury as
spiritual comfort
DAPHINE TERRA FLOORLAMP BY LUMINA, ONYX BROWN TRAVERTINE, “Magdalena, Pedro de Verona, Catalina de Siena y Margarita de Hungría” 1495 by Juan de Borgoña (replica), Lombard Chair by Charles Hollis Jones. Red Edition by Heber Mata, “Fractal” 2021 by Miguel Muñoz Heber
An environment that elicits calm emotions, a sense of well-being, and a feeling of exclusivity, with various elements custom designed by us. We take on many scales, from a chair to a city
The design promotes mental clarity by leaving the space free of distractions.
Based on the values of aesthetics, craftmanship and quality, every element is purposefully chosen to contribute to the overall experience.
In the bedroom, stress is left out, allowing the mind to relax and find the longed-for peace.
The bathroom:
Unexpected beauty
From improved safety and space optimization to seamless aesthetics, these concealed elements enhance functionality, elevating the overall experience of every space.
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Urban retreat


This refined pied-à-terre in Eixample, Barcelona, elegantly blends together luxury and quietude. Conceived for a client deeply devoted to minimalism and meditation, the space is envisioned as a haven where silence serves both as a medium and a message—an intentional monastic escape in the heart of the city, offering protection from the noise of modern life and passing trends. Free from personal belongings, the apartment hosts an exclusive selection of art and design pieces, rarely seen together. This distinctive blend makes an atmosphere that goes beyond conventional references, fostering a timeless ambiance. Each artifact within is a catalyst for contemplation, contributing to a narrative of silent echoes and lasting beauty.

The kitchen is presented in a pure and simplified manner, employing only two materials: stainless steel for the island and brass for the front panel. The idea is to shape, almost sculpt, these two noble materials. The brass front panel appears functional, with extra-large stainless steel handles, yet splendid: like a wall of devotion, with a play of golden reflections thanks to its zigzag section. If the front panel is the epitome of minimalism, the island is the exquisitely slender stainless steel altar supported by five pillars featuring integrated burners, sink, and faucet.

Juan de Borgoña’s painting complements the chromatic range, adding a touch of drama, depth, serenity, regality, and nobility to the already majestic proportions of the space.

In the living room, the space becomes a canvas perfectly completed with delicately selected pieces, which intertwine with each other to elevate the room to a level of exquisite luxury and simplicity. The soft, neutral tones of the walls and natural wood floors provide a serene foundation that allows the featured pieces to shine in all their splendor.

The project also revives the enduring classic 3-piece living room arrangement, featuring two lounge chairs and a sofa.

The bathroom is open and has natural light from every angle. It is designed as an exhibition space where each function has its exclusive area. The mirror is strategically placed to create an illusion of space, further enhancing the luminosity of the room.

The materials are clearly understood through form and touch. Their individuality and expression are forged as a group: water, marble, brass, and glass. Despite the preciousness of the stone pattern and its solid presence, the marble altar for the sinks invites a simple experience, reminiscent of the natural essence of water falling against stone.

The special and stimulating red edition of the Lombard chair rests as the accent of the space.

In this quiet bedroom, the combination of the powerful wooden floor and the pristine white palette creates an atmosphere of purity. The minimalistic design approach is evident in the integration of the bedside tables into the carpeted base, offering a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

The beige carpeted base serves as a grounding element, adding warmth and comfort to the overall composition. It subtly delineates the sleeping area, enhancing the room’s sense of harmony and balance.

The space is free of distractions and the minimalist design promotes mental clarity. In this room, stress and worries are left out, allowing the mind to relax and find the longed-for peace in the vastness of conscience.