“Between the houses of childhood and death, between those of play and work,
stands the house of everyday life, which architects have called many things - residence, habitation, dwelling, etc. -
as if life could develop in one place only.”
Providing equal attention and care to all spaces, our approach embraces the full diversity of human experiences and needs.


Every space has the potential to make you feel at home no matter where you are

We value smart design to create an emotional connection. From lighting to layout, we think spaces should make people feel comfortable and engaged.


Material choices matter. Smart implementation can elevate a project from good to amazing.

Our choice of materials not only reflects the project’s aesthetic but also its long-term durability. We care about quality materials that age gracefully, merging form and function.


How we make things is changing, and this process accelerates every day.

We embrace modern design methods and manufacturing technologies to create adaptable and forward-thinking spaces. This allows us to be agile and innovative, keeping pace with a fast-moving world.


With increasing climate pressure, we design our projects to stand the test of time

In our design philosophy, regeneration is the first step, focusing on adding value to the environment and creating community. This sets the stage for resiliency: ensuring our projects can withstand and adapt to environmental, social, or economic challenges.

Who we are

In a world sometimes skeptical of architecture’s potential, Miguel & Barbara fuel Heber Mata’s mission of nurturing human experience through spatial design. Miguel’s expertise lies in corporate and residential interior design, with a focus on user experience, construction details and project management. Barbara is passionate about concept design, brand design, and sustainability, drawing from her experience in start-ups in the energy and construction sectors. Both graduates of the Technical University of Barcelona (ETSAB), they’ve been closely working together since 2011.


Miguel Muñoz Heber

Partner | Architect

Barbara de la Mata

Partner | Architect

Ronald Postma

Administration | Communication

Radina Angelova

Project consultant

Tomeu Pons

Business consultant
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